Celebrity Authors
on the Beach

Who Are Celebrity Authors

“Celebrity Authors on the Beach” is a diversified group of skilled authors working together with both the desire and ability to change the dynamics of writing in ways not available to individual authors.

In 2013, twelve area authors accepted the invitation to join the Celebrity Author’s team. The team was expanded to include an event planner and audio/visual expert. Combining our efforts greatly magnifies the power of the individual authors:

  • First of all, we are a team of verified experts in many different venues who are willing to assist other writers in the art of writing, publishing, and promoting their work.
  • Next, the power of the group is greater than the sum of its individual parts. A team of two horses can pull three to four times more than the each horse pulling alone. Teams of like minded people react in the same way.
  • Lastly, establishing a cohesive group of authors willing to pull together for the benefit of others is not only rare, but greatly desired and appreciated within the community.

Community leaders are always looking for local support groups that can add culture and value to its citizens by offering and teaching courses in writing and the arts.

Skilled writers within every community enhance the environment of all its citizens. Leaders understand the value of capturing the dreams that built the community before they are lost forever.

The Jenkins Group reports that 80 percent of Americans want to write a book. Tapping into and providing a path to fulfill those dreams and desires is critical to improving the quality of life in any community.

The community value of “Celebrity Authors on the Beach” cannot be overly estimated. The networking affiliations represented by its 14 team members reach into the thousands and extend far beyond boundaries of local communities. Through the Internet many team members have connections that are worldwide!